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Blog Masters Wanted
We have many Websites we have opportunities on for people who would like to run a blog and share in the advertising revenue. For more information, please email

Pundits Wanted
Pundits write from a biased point of view but make their content intersting and fun to read. If you enjoy picking on politicians and other people in the public venue, this may be a great income opportunity for you! For the details, please contact and we will consider your ideas.

Advertising Sales Director Wanted
WWWSi, has many Websites to place advertising on. We are seeking the skills, knowledge and wisdom of experienced advertising sales people to help us support the reading interests of our visitors. This is a work from your own home office opportunity and you will be compensated based on the revenue you produce and the over-rides of sales peole you recruit, hire and train. There is also an opportunity for a national sales director who is experienced in dealing with advertising agencies and who can recruit, hire and train advertising sales people for Websites. NO TRAVEL is REQUIRED! For more information, please contact and we will take it from there.

Reporters Wanted
This is an entrepreneurial opportunity to earn a small or large living interviewing all sorts of people from small business owners to judges to any type of newsmaker. You might even interview golphers, youth sports players and coaches or even politicians. You will get paid a portion of the advertising revenue stream that we and/or you create. Reporters, unlike pundits, must report all sides of an issue. You need to have a feel for what is fair coverage. You should have the unmitigated gaul to snoop and ask provocative questions. We need all types of reporters for all types of Websites. For more information, please contact and we'll work it our from there.

Writers Wanted
This is an entrpreneurial opportunity to deploy your writing skills abouts matters you care about. It could be political, gardening, site-seeing locally or elsewhere, medical or any interest area. You will be paid based on advertising revenue on this an other Websites we are developing. There will be well over 1000 Websites you may be able to obtain revenue from as we grow. For more information, email You can be any age but those under the age of 18 need parental permission. There will be no financial investment on your part, just your time, skills and effort.

Advertising Sales Person
Any legal age to contact local businesses, in the Garland County Area, over the telephone and by email to sponsor this Website. We do not care whether you are 15 or 115. There is no salary as this is an entrepreneurial opportunity. There is also no income cap and you get paid as long as the advertiser stays. There is no financial investment but you must have a good computer, know how to use it and have Broadband Internet connection and a telephone. The right person can build a very good monthly income from the comfort of their own home. If you have sales experience and are semi-retired, this may be an excellent opportunity to enjoy income while playing golf or whatever. For more information, please email and we will figure it out from there!

Editor Wanted
Work from home editing content on this Website and posibly others. No investment of money, just time. This is an entrprenuerial position as you will be paid a percentage of advertising revenue. You will be editing blog content, reports from reporters under you, edit the writings of pundits. Must have Broadband Internet connection, telephone and the ability to learn to the responsibilities of this opportunity. There is no guaranteed income and no cap on your income. You can also sell ads to our clientel for additional income and over-ride sales people. For more information, please email and we will figure it out from there. You may be able to do this on several of our Websites to help your income.

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