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Writers Wanted for this and other Websites we manage.

Writers Put Your Skills to Use!

Earn up to $500 per article, writing for your peers at HotSpringsAR.com.com and other Websites operated by http://DomainSecure.com

What We Want:

We want news stories targeted for U.S. readers, interested in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area and based on the issues listed on http://JusticeTimes.com.

You choose what you want to write about! Articles should be a minimum of 300 words, preferably 500, maximum 2,000.

What We Pay:

We pay a base price per article, plus we pay for article performance. The more readers your article attracts, the more you get paid - to a maximum of $500 USD per article.

Hot Issues: $10 base price, plus $0.02 per pageview, plus $0.50 per form, for 120 days.

Other Topics: $5 base price, plus $0.02 per click, plus $0.50 per form, for 120 days. You retain copyright of all your writing. For example, we post your Hot Issue article and at the end of the month, 5,000 people have clicked on your page on our site. You will receive: Base price: $10.00 5,000 x $.02 = $100.00 Total of $110.00, plus $0.50 per form your visitor filled out. If 200 of the 5,000 viewers filled out a form, you would receive an additional $100.00. You will also receive 50% of all advertising revenue from sponsors you enroll as Website sponsors for your articles and 20% of all advertising revenue that we acquire for your articles.

If at the end of 120 days, your page has been viewed 10,000 times you would receive: $10.00 (base price) + 10,000 x $.02 = Total of $210.00.

Tracking of your article's results.

We have set up a page tracking page on our website where you can view your stats and see how much you will be paid for each of your articles that we have published.

You will be given a URL and a username and password, where you will be able to see the total amount of page views, forms filled out and money owed to you.

Coming soon: you will be able to monitor each article you post and see the return you are going to get.

How will it Work?

You must write, proof-read and edit your article.

Our editor will review your article and then publish it to our website(s).

Not all articles submitted will be accepted.

Encourage visitors to view your articles by linking to them from related areas on the net. i.e. in forums, blogs, advocacy groups, etc.

Your Responsibilities

1. You must keep a copy of all the sources and reference materials used to create your articles.

2. You retain copyright control of all your writing.

3. Each article must be an original piece of writing.

4. You may not click on any one of your articles more than 4 times. Doing so may result in your account being disabled for possible click fraud.

5. You agree to indemnify http://JusticeTimes.com from any liability that may result from articles you publish on any of our Websites, including http://HotSpringsAR.com, et al.

6. The terms of your contract may change at any time. You will be notified of any such changes.

Our Responsibilities

We publish and promote your articles on http://HotSpringsAR.com and our other Websites.

We mail checks for your articles on or before the 25th of the month, for all money earned the previous month.

We are happy to post your photo and bio on our Writers' Bios page.

How Do I Start?

Complete this [Application Form] .

To begin with, you can write a maximum of 1 article a week, as we get to know and evaluate your writing style. Once we are comfortable with your articles, you may write up to a maximum of 30 articles per week.

Do not submit more than one article at a time, until we notify you how many articles per week you will be sponsored for. You will be notified when your article is published so please do not submit another article until your first article is published and you are advised that you will be sponsored for additional articles.


News Article: ensure it is timely, i.e. within the last week or so, unless it is an ongoing issue we have agreed in writing you may follow on an update basis.

Recent news does not mean last year, unless we pre-authorize you to write followup articles.

Opinion Article: Be clear that the reader knows this is your opinion and not fact.

In your artcles, list the most important ideas and facts first.

Spell check before you submit.

Be concise and clear and stay on topic. Make sure your subject is included in the header and first paragraph. Stick to one idea per paragraph.

Truthfulness and Accuracy

The Writer will not deliberately write a dishonest, plagiarized, or inaccurate statement into the manuscript. The Writer shall reveal any conflict of interest or possible conflict of interest to a representative of the Publisher or client Client, hereinafter called Editor, upon receiving the assignment.


Quotes and Facts must be accompanied by a list of sources at the end of your article.

The Writer will be prepared to support all statements in the manuscript and to assist the checker in verifying statements of fact.

In stories involving trials, public hearings or other controversial subject matter, the Writer will try to check all sources against a transcript of the proceedings, if one is available, unless you sat in the courtroom or hearing room, such as a city councli chambers, yourself. You must so state in your article, that such was the case.


The Writer shall alert the Editor to special circumstances regarding a story that could present legal risks to the Publisher or Client. In the case of a libel action, the Writer shall support the Publisher or Client morally and by appearing for the defense, if requested.

Sleep on your article overnight, before you submit it. Something might jump out at you that would improve or enhance the article.

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