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The Thermal Waters of
Hot Springs National Park

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Thermal Mineral Water!

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Hot Springs Mountain Tower A VIEW TO BEHOLD!

Thats's what have always attracted people to Hot Springs. Since the early 1880s during the spanish discovery and earlier, there were many native american indians tribes were also thought to have gathered here. Stone and indian artifacts found in the park give evidence that the indians knew and used the thermal springs. For them it was a neutral area where all tribes could hunt, trade and bathe in peace and good health.

The naturally thermal waters have traces of minerals, combined at 143 Degrees F., are credited with giving the water it's therapuetic properties and uses in healing. Water from the cold springs, which has a different mineral compound and properties, are also used for drinking.

Scientist have determined that the waters gushing from the hot springs are more than 4000 years old and gush at a rate of 850,000 gallons a day!

The most important quality about Hot Springs' thermal water is that it is naturally sterile. For this reason, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration close this water, among others, in which to hold moon rocks during their expeditions in space.

Even in the early years, when the springs were uncovered, the absense of bacteria in the water helped prevent the spread of disease. Today most of the springs have been covered to prevent contamination from modern day development.

QWhat makes this water so Hot? A When the water eventually meets with the faults and joints in the Hot Springs sandstone.

The water along the fault line leads upto the lower west side of Hot Springs Mountain where it the water and steam flows to the surface. Large rock outcroppings of the Bigfork, Chert and Arkansas Novaculite absorb the rainfall. The pores and fractures in the rock conduct the water deep into the Earth. As the water percolates downward, the increasingly warmer rocks heats it, and filters out the impurities. In the process, the water dissolves the minerals in the rocks.

Visit Hot Springs Natoinal Park and see the open springs along Bathhouse Row. The spring cascade on the Arlington Lawn offers a view of what the early natural springs were like. The restored Fordyce Bath House in historic downtown Hot Springs houses the National Park Visitor Information Center.

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