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Hot Springs Mountain Tower A VIEW TO BEHOLD!

Access to Hot Springs National Park

The park lies about 55 miles southwest of Little Rock in the Zig Zag Mountains on the eastern edge of the Ouachita Range. The mountain tops are the erosion-resistant remnants of folded layers of novaculite and sandstone. Music Mountain is the highest point in the small mountain system and is the center of a great horseshoe-shaped ridge whose ends are Sugarloaf and West Mountains. The hot springs are on the lower western side of Hot Springs Mountain, opposite the southern end of the horshoe. Dense forests of oak, hickory, and short-lived pine doiminate this region. Flowering trees are also common, and successive seasons have displays of colored leaves and abundant flowers. Redbud and dogwood bloom in early spring, gracing the understory of the pine and hardwood woodlands. Flowering southern magnolias lend a special beauty, particularly in early summer. Song birds and small animals are abundant in the forest.

Vistitor Center: The restored Fordyce Bathhouse in the middle of Bathhouse Row, in the 300 Block of Central Ave, is the park visitor center, exibits and films tell the story of thermal water bathing. Twenty four rooms have been restored and are furnished as they appeared during the heyday of the spa. Tours for larger groups are available upon request. During the summer and into the fall there is an expanded schedule of interpreted activities including nature and natural history programs at the Gulpha Gorge Campground & Amplitheater. During springs and fall a reduced schedual is offered, and in October a Volksmarshc (peoples walk), is the highlight of Oktoberfest.

Parking: The Park has no parking Facilities on Bathhouse Row, but parking is available in the city's adjacent lots and garages located on and along Central Avenue.

Accomodations: The parks campground is in Gulpha Gorge, 2 miles northeast of downtown. Tables and fireplaces are provided for tent and trailer campers. There are no electrical, shower or water connections. Camping stays are limited to 14 days each year. No advance reservations are available; a self-rgistration and fee collection is in effect. The city of Hot Springs, a municipality not under the National Park Service jurisdiction, surrounds part of the park. There are also many other smaller hotels, motels and bed and breakfast inns, and furnished cottages on nearby lakes. For more information and a free vacation package call 1-800-SPA-CITY.

Things To Do: Hot Springs has a favorable climate all year. The winters are mild and, except for infrequent intervals, outdoor recreation can be enjoyed all year. After relaxing in various kinds of tubs or pools of thermal water, you mayu want to stay longer than you planned. Four of the traditional bathhouses are located within nearby hotels all within walking distance of the Visitor Center. The Buckstaff Bathhouse and other historic hotel bathhouses are open to the public, as is the Libbey Memorial Physical Medicine Center and the Hot Springs Health Spa located 3 blocks east of Bathhouse Row on Reserve Avenue. The city of Hot Springs and the surrounding area also provide a range of activities throughout the year, including thoroughbred horse racing, water sports, fishing and camping in one of the many beautiful state parks. For a spectacular view of the city and surrounding mountains visit Hot Springs Tower on top of Hot Springs Mountain. The 216-foot observation tower is open all year and offers a concession and giftshop.

How to Reach the Park: By vehicle the approaches are via U.S. 270, U.S. 70, and Arkansas State Highway 7. Greyhound buses service Hot Springs and Hot Springs Municipal Airport, provides scheduled airline services. City bus and taxis are available.

Safety: Drive careful on open roads; seatbelts are required. The roads are mountainous and designed for slow sightseeing travel. Hot Springs Mountain Drive is closed to vehicles longer than 30 feet. The hiking trails are traverse uneven terrian; wear appropriate foot gear. All wildlife is protected in the park. Be alert for contact with stinging insects, ticks, snakes and poison ivy. To report emergencies in the park, call the ranger office, 501-624-3383. To report fires or medical emergencies call 911.

Information: Vehicles and bicycles are prohibited on sidewalks and trails. Please do not litter; help keep the park clean. Build fires only in fireplaces. Keep pets on leash. Commercial activities or soliciting in the park is restricted to those holding appropriate contracts or permits. Removing or disturbing any plant, object, or rock is not allowed. Please leave park as you found it. For information on mountain park trails write:

Hot Springs National Park

P.O. Box 1860
Hot Springs, AR 71902-1860

or call 501-624-2308,
or 501-624-3383, ext. 640.

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